Notes: Ice cream freezers, Cher-ee Cola, a Dunes realtor, a polish manufacturer,electric parts for autos, horseshoes

Casmire Manufactory Co., incorporated from 1912 to 1922, “to manufacture ice cream freezers”. Directors were William C. Bobbs – President of the Bobbs-Merrill Co., a famous Indianapolis publisher of many bestseller books in the first half of the 20th Century: his company started as a bookstore in 1850; C.B. McCulloch – a general practice physician; Bert A. Casmire – an attorney and manufacturer. Their office was at 316 Board of Trade Building.

Cher-ee Cola Co., incorporated in 1908 at 129 W. Market St. Henry D. Tutewiler, an undertaker, was the owner. This drink did not sell!

Dunes Highway Realty Co., incorporated on November 7, 1927, by E.C. Doering, an optician located in Gary, Lake County, Indiana, at 692 Broadway. This company was formed two years after the Dunes Indiana State Park was established, and 21 years after the city of Gary was founded by the U.S. Steel Company.

Chemical Products Co., incorporated in 1911. The objective was “to manufacture polish”. Its vice-president was Meredith Nicholson. This Hoosier author had best-selling books in the early 1900s and later had diplomatic posts in Paraguay, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Electric Machine Corp., incorporated from 1921 to 1928, at 236 E. 15th St. The objective was “to manufacture electric parts for automobiles and appliances”, and was part of the W.J. Holliday & Co. According to the historical sketch for the W.J. Holliday & Co. Records at the Indiana Historical Society, “Holliday & Co. had entered the auto accessory business, but the focus was dropped when the company began wholesaling mill, mine, and industrial supplies”. Maybe they had contracts with local auto manufacturers like Stutz, Duesenberg, and Cole, whose sales were dwindling by the late 1920s.
The directors were Joseph C. Schaf, Jr. – he was earlier a realtor, but he then became vice-president of this company; his father owned an Indianapolis brewing company; Burrell Wright – an Indianapolis attorney; William J. Holliday – secretary of the W.J.Holliday Co: he succeeded his father in this company which was originally a hardware store.

Excelsior Manufacturing Co., incorporated from 1912 to 1914, at 526 E. Washington St. The objective was “to manufacture horseshoes and non-slip attachments for horseshoes”. The directors were Frank F. Jacobs – an Indianapolis veterinarian; J. Frank Young – owned a livery stable; Robert E. Woods – hardware store; George V. Coffin – the Sheriff of Marion County; William H. Kershner – manager of the American Engineering Company. I’m not sure why they would form a company to make horseshoes when automobiles were becoming so popular, unless they had a specific contract with someone like the Sheriff Department.

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