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Notes: Macaroni, Melo-Cola, the Old Reliable Paint Co., and the Styx Realty & Finance Co.

The Indiana Macaroni and Noodle Co., incorporated on May 14, 1923. “To manufacture and produce, buy and sell food products of all kinds, including macaroni, noodles, and other wheat products.” The directors were Philip Purport – a fruit salesman, probably at the City Market. He was born in Wisconsin but his parents were Italian; Sol M. Teresi – attorney and counselor-at-law; Vincent H. Mercurio – lawyer: in the 1930s he lived in Miami Beach, Florida.

Indiana Melo-Cola Co, incorporated on October 11, 1912. The objective was “to manufacture, compound, prepare, bottle and otherwise pack and sell at wholesale or retail, a non-intoxicating beverage and drink called and known as Melo-Cola”. The directors were Charles F. Skehan – an auto insurance salesman; J. Edwin Stein – an insurance salesman; M.J. Moreland – insurance agent; James M. Crume – President of the Majestic Life Insurance Co.; M.A. Hamilton – a bookkeeper. I wonder how a bunch of insurance guys became interested in the soft drink business.

Old Reliable Paint Co., incorporated from August 24, 1909 to 1936. The objective was “to buy and sell paints, varnishes and all kinds of painters supplies, at wholesale and retail”. This store was located at 366 S. Meridian St., and then at 505 S. Meridian St. The first incorporators were Sol Wile- originally a house painter; Samuel Wile – originally a carpenter; Clarence E. Utely – possibly an accountant. It is interesting that a retail paint store would be located in what we now consider as “downtown”, and that it stayed in business for about 26 Years. Also, I like the name of the store!

Styx Realty and Finance Co., incorporated from May 9, 1925 to 1936. The objective was “to buy, own, and sell real estate, and to act as a holding company for the Sahara Grotto, M.O.V.P.E.R. (Mystic Order Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm).” Its office was at 1236 Park Ave., Indianapolis. The original directors were Oliver R. Wald – undertaker; Charles O. Martin – clothing store salesman; Lawrence Drapier – advertising salesman; ¬†Samuel A. Johnson – paper company salesman; Charles C. Brautigan – salesman; Othneil Hitch – lawyer; Lewis Nowlin – paper company salesman; Winston E. Pedlow – bookkeeper; Ralph R. Reeder – tinner; Oscar Lee – paper hanger; Elihah H. Hughes – Marion County State Bank Cashier. Certainly a diverse set of investors in the organization. I imagine this company was set up as supplemental income for the Sahara Grotto. Also, does the term “Styx” refer to the River Styx in Hell?