Notes: A Broad Ripple Park Amusement, a creosoting co., Colored Men’s Business Association, an engine maker, Colfax Refining Corp., an F.C. Tucker investment

Indianapolis Old-Mill Co., incorporated from September 16, 1920 to 1924. The objective was “to maintain and operate buildings and grounds containing water devices and apparatus, for presenting amusements and entertainments…in the town of Broad Ripple, Indiana”. Incorporators were H.S. Burpee – Banker in Rockford, Illinois; Charles Otto Breinig – Manager and Director of Amusements at the Wintergarden Amusement Co.: lived in Terre Haute, Indiana; George E. Christina – movie house projectionist and lived in Broad Ripple at 1810 E. 62nd Street.

Columbia Creosoting Co., incorporated in 1904. The investors were W.A. Hughes – and Indianapolis lawyer; Stoughton Fletcher – a prominent Indianapolis banker; it’s interesting that Fletcher would invest in creosoting.

Colored Men’s Business Association, incorporated in 1904. The African-American organizers were Mathew B. Allen – a gardener; William H. Clayton – a servant; William Sherry Clayton – a laborer; Aaron Gann – a laborer; Samuel D. Williams – a janitor; Hazzard Wood – a coachman; J.O. Corley – a porter.

Chandler & Taylor Co., incorporated in 1888. They built engines, boilers, and saw mills. According to the Indianapolis Illustrated, published in 1893, this firm was preceded in 1858 by Wiggins & Chandler and organized in 1868 as Chandler & Taylor. Their manufacturing plant and office was located at 370 W. Washington St. and covered three acres. The 1888 directors were Thomas E. Chandler – President; William M. Taylor – secretary; Franklin Taylor – treasurer; George M. Chandler – purchasing agent; Henry G. Werbe – bookkeeper.(I believe Werbe was the son of an early Indianapolis grocer.)

Colfax Refining Corp.,incorporated in 1927. The investor was Schuyler C.(Colfax) Mowrer, an Indianapolis attorney who lived at 728 Middle Drive, Woodruff Place. He was named after a Vice President of the United States from Indiana, Schuyler Colfax, but I’m not sure if he was related to him. Incidentally, Mowrer was overcome by poison gas during WWI and almost died.

County Investment Co., incorporated from1925 to 1927. Their investments were real estate, insurance, stocks, bonds, etc. The directors were J.Voris Tobin, an insurance agent, president; Estes Duncan – a farm manager; F.C. Tucker – president of the F.C. Tucker Real Eastate Co., which was founded in 1918 and is still in business.

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