Notes: Ex-Servicemen’s discount purchasing, 1923 automobile springs, 1923 Ford auto steering controls, 1915 film distributor, from vaudeville to moving picture shows, 1902 Indiana Coca-Cola Bottling Works, an auto laundry, the Em-Ten Tavern

Ex-Servicemen’s Purchasing Association, incorporated in 1924. The purpose was to buy and sell merchandise and obtain discounts from merchants “upon purchases made by men who have been in the military or naval service of the United States”. Directors were Homer K. Wiley – retail merchant; Oscar E. Scruggs – a salesman, and H. Earl Brown.

Ewald Spring Service Co., incorporated on May 22, 1923. The objective was “particularly the replacing of springs and spring parts for automobiles”. The directors were Louis C. Ewald – and employee of the Studebaker Corporation in South Bend, IN; Norman J. Bolton – a machinist; Anne E. Miller – bookkeeper.

Exlo Products Co., incorporated on February 28, 1923. The objective was “the manufacture and sale of a device relating to steering post controls for Ford Motor Cars”, at 10-12 N. Oriental. The directors were A. Hough Adams – president of Adams-McCullough Co.: an auto parts manufacturer; Roscoe R. Mills – purchasing agent for an auto company; Cressah L. Hindbaugh – bookkeeper.

Excel Film Co., incorporated on December 21, 1915. The objective was “to manufacture, lease, rent, buy, sell and distribute films for moving picture shows”. The directors were Cecil A. Patrick -salesman; Mildred Patrick – bookkeeper; Harry J. Brooks – motion picture film distributor (Harry did this work through the 1950s).

The Exhibitors Service Co., incorporated on February 8, 1912. The objective was “to buy sell, rent, lease and deal in theatres, moving picture shows, films, slides & supplies; to illustrate songs, to book plays, vaudeville sets”. The directors were William H. Cleveland and Glen O. Dixon – salesmen.

Indiana Coca-Cola Bottling Co., incorporated on June 19, 1902. The objective was the “buying and selling of Coca-Cola and other liquids. The said liquids to be bought in bulk, bottled in convenient bottles and sold in that form”. The directors were S.B. Tinsley – a teacher in Louisville; Louis K. Webb – a telephone company manager in Louisville; S.B. Overton – a teacher in Louisville; E.C. Toner – a newspaper reporter in Anderson, IN.
The first City Directory listing of a Coca-Cola Bottling Works in Indianapolis was in 1905 at 724 E. Washington St., with J. Bornscheim as manager; in 1910 it was located at 101 S. Cruse St. In 1934 an art-deco style Coca-Cola Bottling Plant was built in Indianapolis at 858-862 Massachusetts Ave; this building is still standing and has had different uses.

Charles Edison’s Auto Laundry, incorporated on April 13, 1938, at 1134 N. Meridian St. The objective was the “washing, polishing, servicing and storage of all kinds of motor vehicles”.

Em-Ten Tavern, Inc., incorporated on July 9, 1934 at 5108 E. 10th Street. The owners were William E., Ada & George Youngman : all of Indianapolis. This building is still at the southeast corner of 10th Street and Emerson Avenue, and is now known as Greene’s Pub.

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