Notes: a furnace manufacturer, a restaurant, a fence company, the E-Z Toon Radio Co., the Indiana Gas Company

L.C. Thiele & Co. Incorporated from March 30, 1909 to 1933, at 107 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis; “to manufacture furnaces, furnace supplies and sell the same”. This company is still in business. Its website states that the company began in 1883. The founder, Louis C. Thiele, died in 1908, and his family inherited the business: William O Thiele – brother, Sarah Thiele – Louis’ wife, Louisa McGrath – Louis’ sister.

English Corporation. Incorporated on June 14, 1933 at 142 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis; “to engage in the business of operating restaurants, lunch rooms, dining rooms, cafes, cafeterias”. I’m not sure if this business was somehow supposed to be part of the English Hotel located on the Circle. Incorporators were: Tellas D. Lee, b. 1898, a college graduate, an engraver in 1930 and later became a building materials engineer in Chicago; J. Otto Lee – b. 1886, a clerk at the State Printing Board; Edna F. Lee – b. 1896, Otto’s wife.

Enterprise Iron & Fence Co., incorporated in 1931, “to manufacture, sale and erection of iron & wire fences and ornamental iron work”. Incorporators were: Julian Bobbs – retired in 1929 as president of the Bobbs-Merrill Publishing Co., in 1935 he retired from the fence company to pursue other interests; Kurt F. Pantzer – lawyer; Samuel R. Harrell – Supt. of a flour mill.

E-Z Toon Radio Co., incorporated from December 3, 1924 to 1945; located at 3234 W. Washington St, Indianapolis; “the manufacture and sale of radio supplies and all accessories thereof”. The incorporators were: Charles Sparks – b. 1880, trained as an electrical engineer, lived in Fortville, IN, with his wife Lena; Charles R. Butler – b. 1877, started work as a machinist, he developed as a manufacturer of automobile components.

The Indiana Gas Company. (originally named the Electric Lighting, Gas Heating and Illuminating Company of Indianapolis). Incorporated from January 10, 1881 to 1946. “The object of the formation of the corporation is the manufacture and sale of electric light and illuminating and heating gases and their products.” Its name was shortened to The Indiana Gas Company in 1907. Apparently a New York organization took over the company in the early 1900s, but by 1920 it was again owned and operated by Indianapolis businessmen. The original 1887 directors were: George R. Root – owned the G.R. Root & Bro. Coal & Coke Company; E.(Elijah) B. Martindale – lawyer and real estate developer; Allen M. Fletcher – b. 1853, son of Stoughton A. Fletcher, Sr. who was the founder of the Fletcher National Bank, and nephew of pioneer lawyer Calvin Fletcher; by 1900 he was the president of the Indianapolis Gas, Light and Coke Co., later was V.P. of the Fletcher National Bank, then retired and moved back to Vermont, his family’s home state; N.S. Bryan – physician?; Francis Churchman – b. 1833, banker and associate with Stoughton A. Fletcher, Sr.; Frederick M. Ostermeyer – b. 1827 in Prussia, wholesale drygoods merchant;  John R. Elder – was the publisher of the Indiana State Sentinel, and in 1881 was the treasurer of a railroad; George F. Branham – b. 1848, coal and coke dealer.


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