Notes: magnetic healing, an African-American newspaper, a railroad car manufacturer

International College of Healing & the Alansing B. Melville Infirmary. Incorporated on October 11, 1900, at 330 N. Delaware St.;”the art of healing shall be taught , including magnetic and mental healing, in which shall be taught personal magnetism, hypnotism and the occult sciences”. Also, “the conducting of an infirmary and sanitarium. Alansing B. Melville, b. 1857; in 1881 Alansing and his brother, Americus, attorneys, were prosecuted by the U.S. Dept. of Interior and debarred in the State of New York. They had obtained the pension for a Civil War veteran, and then kept over half of the money for services rendered. Lansing was listed as “magnetic healer” in the 1900 Federal Census, as a general practioner physician in 1910, and as a osteopath physician in 1920. He died in Miami, Florida in 1929. Elizabeth Melville was his wife.

Indianapolis Tribune Publishing Co., July 27, 1927 to 1938. Its name was changed to the Indianapolis Crusade Publishing Co. in 1938. Its purpose was “to print, publish, and circulate a weekly newspaper”. The proprietors were Frank R. Beckwith – December 11, 1904 to August 24, 1965; he was a prominent African-American attorney in Indianapolis and a civil rights activist; he ran for President of the U.S. in 1960 as a Republican. E. Louis Moore – 1879 to 1966, an Indianapolis African-American attorney. Albert F. Moton – 1896 to ?, secretary.

Inter-State Car and Foundry Co., November 6, 1925 – 1935, 3823 Massachusetts Ave (Massachusetts Ave & Sherman Dr.); “to make metal castings and other work relating to the foundry business, and repair of railroad cars”. The Interstate Castings Co. is still located at that location. According to the company’s website: “Founded in 1883, Interstate Castings began by manufacturing complete railroad cars. Since that time we have evolved into a high quality supplier of gray and ductile iron castings.” I found the Inter-State Car Co. listed in the 1904 Indianapolis City Directory as located at W. Morris St. & the Belt R.R.; also there are a few pre-1925 listings on the internet for orders to manufacture railroad cars by the Inter-State Car Co. The “Railroad Car Builders of North America” website states “at this time [1925]  the Inter-State Car and Foundry Co. was primarily doing rebuilding of [railroad] cars.” The incorporators were Louis R. Meyer – foundry supt. who worked with this company till he retired; Frank B. Stout – manager, he formerly was in the real estate business; George J, Diver – manager; James Rocap – attorney.




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