Notes: The Jenny Motor Co., a painting and decorating co., the Traction Terminal Building,the Joseph Eastman Hospital

Jenny Electric Motor Company, in business from January 17, 1890 to ca 1910.  “the manufacture and sale of electric motors”. This Indianapolis company manufactured direct-current dynamos for large machines. Its factory was located on the east side next to the Belt Railroad. The directors were: Charles D. Jenny – President. He had an 1882 patent for an electric-arc lamp, and an 1884 patent for an Automatic Regulator for Dynamo-Electric Machines. Edwin W. Jenny – an electrician and older brother of Charles D Jenny. Amos K. Hollowed – V.P. and Treasurer of the D.H. Rank Publishing Co., and Treasurer of the Nordyke & Marmon Co. Albert A. Barnes – Proprietor of the Udell Wooden Ware Works.   Addison Bybee – President of the Woodburn-Serven Wheel Co. Julius F. Pratt – Treasurer of the Consumers Gs Trust Co., and V.P. and Treasurer of the Woodburn-Serven Wheel Co.

Joseph P. Deery & Company, established on January 16, 1914.                                                           “to conduct the business of painting and decorating houses & structures of all kinds, upon the interior and exterior”. The Directors were: Joseph P. Deery – 22 years old, decorator, later became a salesman for Sherwin-William Paints. Kenneth K. Wooling – 22 years old, later became an architect.James New – 22 years old, became a druggist. Bowman Elder – 25 years old, realtor. He was a descendent of Indianapolis pioneer John Elder, and was very active in Indiana’s Centennial Celebration in 1916.

Jones-Hogue Company, incorporated on April 17, 1903. “to promote, finance, construct, equip, rent and operate  in the State of Indiana and elsewhere, street and interurban railroads and plants for the creation and distribution of electric and other heat, light and power”. The mammoth Traction Terminal Building, located in Indianapolis at the n/w corner of Market & Illinois Streets was erected in 1904. Maybe this company was organized to bid on the Terminal’s construction. The Directors were: H. Whitford Jones – President. He was a building contractor. George A. Taylor – he was a railroad engineer. Arthur B. Hogue – V.P. and General Manager. He became the proprietor with William M Prosser of the Terminal Station Saloon. George A. Hogue, 2nd V.P. – A carpenter. Edward E. Elliot – Secretary. A machinist. Lucie L. Green – Bookkeeper?

The Joseph Eastman Hospital, in business from July 1, 1905 to 1921; “to establish and maintain a general hospital for the treatment of sick, wounded and injured persons, giving medical, surgical and obstetrical treatment thereto…and to establish and maintain a school for the education and training,of nurses”. This medical clinic was located at 331 N. Delaware St. in downtown Indianapolis. This was probably a name change from the Joseph Eastman Sanitorium, which was located at the same address. The Directors were:  Thomas B. Eastman, Physician. Joseph Rilus Eastman,  Physician. Mary K Eastman, Secretary.


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