Notes: Canada Dry Bottling, Dental Parlors, Barn Door Locks, Kelvinator Refrigerators

Canada Dry Bottling Company; July 13,1939 – 1945 Tom Joyce, President. He also owned the local 7-UP franchise. Frank J. McCarthy Vice-President. G.F. Joyce, Sec-treasurer. Robert Joyce, General Manager. E.H. Peck. Operations were at 123 West 22nd Street, Indianapolis.

Boston Systems Dentists (Originally Taft’s Dental Parlors) March 2, 1917 – May 31, 1943             “engaging in & carrying on the business of dentistry & every branch thereof; the manufacture, buying, selling and dealing in dental supplies, artificial dentists’ crowns & bridgework, porcelain inlays, and other merchandise.” Directors were C.A. Cash, J. Dan Moschelle, Omar O’Horrow. In Indianapolis the business was known as Taft’s Dental Parlors and was located at 25 1/2 West Washington Street. On December 7, 1929, the business was bought & the name changed to the Boston System Dentists, and was moved to 800 Broadway, Gary, Indiana. The new owners were Elizabeth Scott – President, C. H. Lietzman – Treasurer, and G. B. Gardner – Secretary.

The Kelloniemi Manufacturing Co. February 14, 1918. “to manufacture barn door locks, buy, sell, import, export and generally deal in barn door locks and machinery for the purpose of manufacturing barn door locks.” The directors were W. Kelloniemi, Victor Viiki, and Walter Anderson, all from Lead, South Dakota.

Kelvinator Indianapolis, Inc. August 11, 1927 – 1929. “engaging in the business of buying, selling, and generally dealing in mechanical, electrical, and other refrigeration and cooling appliances and products, particularly Kelvinator Refrigerators.” The Kelvinator Company was founded in 1914 and was manufactured in Detroit, Michigan. The Kelvinator brand of refrigeration systems is still being manufactured in different locations around the world. The owners of this Indianapolis franchise were Charles L. Bieler, Maria F. Bieler, and Charles W. Richardson.



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