Notes: Carbolic Acid, The Crispus Attucks Club, and Donkey Baseball

Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. Incorporated in 1887 by William Hasford & William W. Reeves. This was a device that released fumes of carbolic acid to cure the flu, but it didn’t work and was a hoax.

The Crispus Attucks Club, incorporated in 1920. It is interesting that this organization of Indianapolis African-American businessmen was founded seven years before the segregated Crispus Attucks High School was opened in Indianapolis. The businessmen were: Edward Gullard – a tailor, R.T. Williams – a porter, Charles E. Brown, Sr. – a presser, Dr. Charles A. Torles – a physician, Wm. C. Brown – iron foundry?, Hays Wilson – a waiter, Wm.W. Hyde – a lawyer, and S.A Furniss – a physician and community leader.

Donkey Baseball, Inc. Incorporated on August 16, 1934. According to articles on the internet, “donkey baseball” became popular during the Depression years of the 1930s. The players were mounted on donkeys that had minds of their own. The games were played by local civic groups mostly for charity, and to watch local notables make fools of themselves. A touring company would put the games on for a fee. The incorporators were John L. Banks, John Schlott,and Calvin E. Alber. Banks and Schlott worked for American Stages, Inc., an entertainment company, while Alber was a service station proprietor,

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