Notes: Crosley Radios,”sneakers” feeding tube, Kola Celery Pepsin

Kokomo Radio Corporation, incorporated on January 16, 1936. The purpose was to make Crosley radios and parts in Kokomo, IN. In 1935 Crosley Radio Corp. began to make radios for Chevrolet in Kokomo, but was bought out by General Motors and changed the name to the Delco Radio  Division in 1936. Maybe Crosley intended to continue to manufacture radios in Kokomo, but I don’t think it happened. The incorporators were: Powell Crosley, Jr. – President & Treasurer, Cincinnati, Ohio; he was a wealthy entrepreneur and inventor who once worked for Fisher Automobile Co. in Indianapolis, IN. He manufactured and sold the affordable Crosley Radios, founded WLW Radio & Television in Cincinnati, and owned the Cincinnati Reds. He later made the Crosley Automobiles. Lewis M. Crosley – Powell’s brother and business partner. J.P. Rogers – Accountant? Charles Sawyer – Attorney. William B. Griese – engineer & foreman. L. A. Kellogg – V.P. Crosley Distributing Corp. and sales director.

H.D. Shipp Corporation, incorporated on October 24, 1940. “to be engaged in the manufacturing business, in the selling wholesale and retail of an article known as ‘sneakers’, said article being an assembled glass for the taking of liquids internally, to eliminate obnoxious tastes, and the making of the taking of the liquid more pleasant, said liquids to include oils, medicines, liquors and other liquids and drinking materials”. This seems to be a prototype of a medical feeding tube. the incorporators were: Harry D. Shipp -b. 1901, drug salesman. Patricia Shipp – b. 1903, Harry’s wife. L. Ert. (Lemuel Ertus) Slack – attorney, formerly U.S. District Attorney.

Kola Celery Pepsin Co., October 8, 1912 – 1916. 2546 Ashland, Indianapolis. “the manufacture of beverages and patent medicines”. Maybe the weirdness of the ingredients of this beverage made it seem more medicinal? The incorporators were Solomon Von Binzer – b. 1864 in Hungary, a dry goods proprietor. Isaac Von Binzer – clothing store manager, later an auctioneer. William L. Schaumburg – a cigar merchant, later a salesman for a steel company. The Von Binzers dropped the “Von” during WWI.


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