Notes: Grocers’ Supplies, Bakeries, Motors

Grocers’ Supply Co., incorporated from February 28, 1898 to 1924. The purpose was “the preparing, compounding and selling fluid extracts, vinegars, mustards, spices and all other condiments, baking powders, pancake & breakfast flours, coffees, ammonia & bluing mixtures and all other Grocers’, Bakers’ & Butchers’ Supplies”. The Company’s different addresses were 240 Virginia Ave., 214-216 McCarty St., and 128 South Meridian St. The Directors were Horace E. Hadley – Secretary & Treasurer; Anson B. Conkle – President; and Charles A. Ross.

Hacker Brothers’ Bakeries, incorporated from June 9, 1921 to 1924, at 1365 Madison Ave. The objective was “the partnership of Hacker Brothers’ Bakeries, consisting of senses of six retail stores with cases, cash registers, furniture, ovens & machinery for conducting the business of the bakeries with trucks for distributing the products of such ovens to various stores”. The incorporators were Charles, Christian, Walter J., Harry, Frank and John Hacker. In 1890 their father, Charles Hacker, ran a bakery at 353 E.Market Street, where he also lived.

Hamilton Manufacturing Co., incorporated from July 13, 1916 to 1918. The objective was “to manufacture & sell Fuel Feed Systems for internal combustion motors”. The incorporators were H.F. Rust – machinist; Charles O. Roemler – lawyer; Harold Butcher – a manufacturer’s agent from Detroit, Michigan, and Bert Brown.


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