Notes: A convention center, Dr. Goethe Link, and a VotingMachine Co.

Coliseum-Hotel Corp., incorporated in 1914. The idea for this was a convention center-type building, I believe at the NW corner of Meridian and Ohio Streets. The idea was never constructed. The local Indianapolis businessmen directors were: George C. Brooks – President of the Red River Valley Land & Livestock Co and he lived at 835 Woodruff Place Middle Dr.;  Robert S. Fletcher – V.P. of the Hackedorn Contracting Co. and V.P. of the State Exchange Bank; Raymond P. Van Camp – V.P. of the Van Camp Hardware and Iron Co. located at 401-425 W. Maryland St.; Robert Martindale – real estate agent; and George Haugh – insurance agent.

Columbia Securities Co., incorporated in 1925 at 162 N. Delaware St. They dealt in mortgage loans, real estate, rentals & property management. The directors were : Bennet E. Sagalowsky – President; Morris Horowitz – treasurer; and Dr. Goethe Link. Dr. Link was a well-known surgeon in Indianapolis, and an amateur astronomer. In 1909 he won a silver cup for winning the balloon race at the opening of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  In 1948 he donated his private observatory to Indiana University, and the observatory grounds is popular for its extensive daffodil gardens.

Columbia Voting Machine Co., incorporated in 1907 at 616 N. Davidson. The directors were H.B. Smith – manager of the company; Albert Lieber – President & General Manager of the Indianapolis Brewing Co.; John B. Cockrum – Secretary and General Attorney of the L.E. & W. Railroad; and Ernest H. Tripp – President of the Union Transfer & Storage Co.


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